3d under the carpet

3d under the carpet ================ This is a little little Experiment towards a 3d-Particle-Engine written entirely in Javascript. It implements a camera, which can be freely moved and rotated in 3d-Space with a virtual trackball. It implements basic physics. All Particles have mass assigned and react to forces and force-fields. How to Use: ========= Just start and watch how the Particles are oscillating around their target-positions and come to rest after a while. Moving the mouse creates a tornado, which sucks particles upwards. Clicking and dragging the mouse rotates the view. Additionally pressing the -Key moves vertically and horizontally, additionally pressing the -Key you can move the Camera in- and out. - and -Keys zoom in and out Have Fun!

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Swarm Behavior

This code is forked from my other particle-simulation "3d under the carpet" ( ). It implements the basic math to simulate the behaviour of a Swarm. How to play ========= See the box for information about the controls. Double click to throw food into the basin and see how the swarm swims towards it as it passes.

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Halali Web Frontend

Halali Web Frontend - Version 0.1 =========================== This project aims to develop a web-frontend for the popular boardgame "Halali". Here you can find only the frontend that behaves like the real boardgame, without any underlying game-mechanics and rule-checking. However it is possible to play with two players on one the same computer. How to play! ========== Double Click cards to turn them. Drag Cards to move Them.

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