QUsing bit.ly api to shorten link with JSON

I'm struggling to get this to work. Took some code from stackoverflow but what I want to do it be able to put a link into a text box, click a button and return a shortened link via the bit.ly api in another text box. what am I doing wrong?!

Sample Code

AAnswer to: Using bit.ly api to shorten link with JSON


I modified your code (made it unobtrusive) and included some comments. I think it should work now, can't test it tho as I don't have a bitly account.

This are some things you need to look:
- are you registered with bitly and have proper login and apikey values?
- you forgot to include jQuery library, $.getJSON is a jQuery function


I am also struggling with the same issue and take a help of https://hpsupports.co/hp-customer-support/ but my problem didn't solve properly, can anyone guide me properly to do the thing? if it's possible it would be very helpful to me.


This is very good to short url with bit.ly and use the url anywhere. I mostly use bit.ly to short my https://www.hpprintersupportpro.us/ url.


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