QHow to Allow Application with AVG Firewall?

To allow an application with AVG Firewall, open AVG and go to Firewall tile. Then click on the Settings icon from the bottom right corner and then select Advanced Settings. After that click Applications from the left menu and then click add. Then click the (…) next to the path text field and browse to the executable file that you want to allow and click Open. Next click on Create and review the Application Action option and click OK. To close the firewall setting window again click OK and verify that the application can connect to the internet. If you find it difficult then please give us a call at AVG Support Number UK.
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AAnswer to: How to Allow Application with AVG Firewall?


Whenever you first run a program such as CTI Navigator Desktop or CTIUpdateManager over the Internet, the subscription based (paid) AVG Firewall normally will prompt you to select whether or not to allow the program to access the Internet. On the confirmation screen, check "Save my answer as a permanent rule..." (or similar wording) and then click the Allow button. (See note 2 below regarding AVG Anti-Virus Free edition.)

If you need to create a Firewall Rule in your AVG security program to allow CTI Navigator Desktop and/or CTI Update Manager to run over the Internet, follow the instructions in AVG’s Help for the specific version you have installed (see Related Articles below for AVG User Manuals); or follow the appropriate steps summarized below.

Follow this steps <<<

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