QSubpixel animation [CSS/Canvas]

One of the really annoying things about CSS animations is that it is locked to pixels - there is no subpixel aliasing when you are doing slow animations, which limits the effective FPS.

Has anyone got any solutions for this problem, using canvas, or SVG/VML..?

AAnswer to: Subpixel animation [CSS/Canvas]


I did not know the meaning of "locked to pixels".
Do you have a sample code?


Thank you for the reply - here is sample code:


when you make the transition speed very slow (site.transitionMilliseconds = 128000 etc) then cloud movement is very jerky (low fps) because movement is not anti-aliased, but jumps from pixel to pixel. This is what I meant by 'locked to pixels'.

Mrdoob clouds are amazing example:


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