QThe printer is displaying a 50.4 error message, how to fix it?

Receiving error codes while working on any device can be really annoying and frustrating, as they can tamper with the day to day process. Once you find any error message displayed, you should fix it immediately without any delay. Any technical device, no matter how advanced it is, can face with faults and snags anytime. Every snag has a particular reason behind it and can be rectified too.  Everyone knows what are printers and for what purpose they are used. They come in different brands, different sizes, features etc. Canon, HP, Brother are few of the well-known brands in the market and can be looked like people’s favorite. Sometimes while printing documents, the printer fuser stops working and the error 50.4 is displayed. First of all, you need to know that what exactly the job of Fuser roller is. It is responsible for printing by transferring the toner to the print images. When it has overheated, it is not able to print, and it is the reason behind the particular error. If you wish to fix the Hp Printer error code 50.4, then you have come to the right place. Read this blog and get a solution to work upon.

Solution to fix the specific error code:

  • If any print command has been given to the printer, then cancel them all

  • Disconnect the USB cable, unplug the printer from the power cord and switch it off.

  • Let the printer cool down. Wait for a few minutes.

  • Connect the wires back again and switch on the printer.

  • If the error is still displayed when the printer fuser has been damaged. You need to replace it.

  • Remove the fuser and install a new one.

  • For installing it, you will again need to remove the USB cable, disconnect the printer from the main supply by removing the power cord.

  • Once through with the installation process, now connect the printer back to the power switch and turn it on.

  • If you still receive the error, then ensure that the Wall Outlet is getting proper current.

It will surely help you to resolve the issue. Replacing the printer fuser should be considered as the safest option because using the corrupted one can prove to be a problem. If the recommended solution does not work, then you just need to dial the hp printer support phone number and talk to the expert techies over there to get a solution.


Original Source: https://www.printerservicenumber.com/the-printer-is-displaying-a-50-4-error-message-how-to-fix-it/

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