QWeb developing as a side(student) job

Good afternoon/day/morning!

I was recently thinking about starting to develop some websites for various users. I'm a student and was thinking of doing this as side job to earn myself some money. I can write HTML, CSS very well and JavaScript decently. I have no wide knowledge of PHP / Node.js but I am aware they exist and I tried to use them (for some basic stuff) in past. Now I've hit upon some questions.

If I'd start myself of in this business, what's the way websites are created nowadays? Are developers still writing plain HTML/CSS/JavaScript or they go ahead and use WordPress or pre-created libraries?

Since I'm a student, what would be "optimal" price mark for my work?

I'd also appreciate any advises on what I'm trying to do or anything related to my post.

Thanks a lot!

*If this is incorrect subreddit to post these kind of questions please feel free to warn me!

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