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During the last weeks, professionals and employees close to carrying out their tasks in the HPR toured the facilities of the same to give an account of the dimensions, capacities and services that this new unique service in the city will offer.

The HPR will have a health team of 400 professionals available to the different specialties and emergencies that are needed. In turn, it will employ more than 200 administrative staff that guarantee its management structure and administration, providing patients with the best care in their management procedures. This, is one of the fundamental pillars of Grupo Gamma, to provide patients with the best quality and safety in their visit to the benefits, thus guaranteeing the return to the Hospital.

Likewise, the HPR will have a very innovative Emergentology Service that will incorporate a system of selection and personalized attention and according to the urgency, called Triage. This procedure will have the attention of specially trained Nurses to develop their task and provide the best care in the shortest possible time.

In the visit to the new Hospital, employees and professionals visited the facilities of the Surgery Area that has five Operating Rooms, fully equipped with the same technology, which enables any surgical intervention. The Intensive Therapy Area, innovative in its disposition, with separate boxes for a wall and doors that guarantee privacy. In addition, it has windows to the street, so that patients have a more direct relationship with the outside world. The HPR, incorporated rooms to guarantee rest to the doctors in the same floor where they develop their tasks, according to the requirements indicated by the legislation.

The Dialysis and Oncology Service, from the architectural point of view, privileged that the patient has vision to two patios. It has large waiting rooms and complete equipment. On the other hand, in the Subsoil is the Diagnostic Area, there are the latest generation Ultrasound and Doppler equipment, Magnetic Resonator, Tomograph and Videoendoscopy Equipment. The Hemodynamics Service has the first equipment installed in Argentina to perform endovascular studies.

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