Event & Topics

Here's the summary of events held by jsdo.it.

The 2nd Annual Worldwide HTML5 Exam

This is the exam that test Web Engineers' understanding of the HTML5 specifications. This time, taking exam from smartphone is also supported. And we've added iOS/Android Course which contains questions about Web Browsers on mobile and tablet devices.

HTM5 Fireworks

HTML5 Fireworks event has kicked off. Let JavaScript and CSS3 code become a beautiful firework and decorate night summer sky with vivid colors.


jsdo.it has been around for already a year. Thanks to our passionate users we have been able to accumulate wide variety of noteworthy entries. To commemorate this anniversary we've created a Memorabilia page that contains the most remarkable codes collection.

Let's Create a HTML5 Fireworks Party!

Based on your fireworks code, a Fireworks Party will be held on jsdo.it! Come and rearrange the color and shape, and add the personality to your own fireworks. Decorate the summer with the best memories!

Code Tweaking Contest

SVG Twister. Tweak and twist the code for SVG Girl. One outstanding entry will be presented Amazon gift card worth $50. Tweak and twist the code for SVG Girl.

SPEC [Japanese Version Only]


JAM - HTML5 and Flash

JAM - HTML5 and Flash - is a programming event that looks for the top creativity by using programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Flash on the same topic.