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To celebrate the official release of Internet Explorer 9 we’ve made this special website in collaboration with, the site that allows you to write and share HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, right on your browser.

Unleash a more beautiful web

On this site we offer a unique combination of SVG animation and HTML5 – “SVG Girl”, as well a feature to create your very own version of animation using SVG.

Enjoy the new experience brought to you by Internet Explorer 9.

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* This site features audio content. To fully enjoy it please turn on your sound.
* There may be some delay while the animation loads. Please wait for the fun to start!

SVG Girl is an SVG animation video best enjoyed on Internet Explorer 9.Please use Internet Explorer 9 to fully experience it.

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Viewing in browsers other than Internet Explorer 9 may lead to a quality decline.


SVG Girl




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Want to create SVG animation’s remake version? Play with basic remake on Simple Mode, add your own punch line on Twister Mode to win wonderful prize, and go for Fanatic Mode to get listed on our credits page. All 3 modes waiting for your challenge!

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Code Tweaking Contest. Win Xbox360 + Kinnect

Simple Mode

Choose animation scenes and change colors.
Whole color sets also available for easy editing.

Simple Mode

Hard Core & Fanatic Mode

Win top prize!

Enter SVG animation code editing challenge to win wonderful prize!

Show your powers on Fanatic Mode to join SVG Elite and get listed on our credits page!

Twister & Fanatic Mode