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Using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) became much easier with arrival of HTML5. With SVG you can produce superb rich content, taking the world of animation onto web. Internet Explorer 9 that was released on March 15th has a powerful engine to process SVG content. To celebrate the official release of Internet Explorer 9 we have launched special website on - "SVG Girl". Enjoy the transformation of web app into an animation work.


view SVG Girl on Internet Explore 9

How to participate

  1. Follow @jsdoit_team
  2. Login to with one of Open IDs
  3. Fork/edit the challenge code
  4. Save your code - this will be processed as auto-entry.

Event Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are stipulated as the terms of usage (hereinafter “Terms”) for participants of the “SVG-Girl” campaign event (hereinafter “Event”) organized on the platform of – Share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS ( (hereinafter “Service”), managed and produced by KAYAC Inc. (hereinafter “Company”). Participating Users, by posting content onto the Event, agree to the Terms and the separate Service terms of use.

Article 1 [Registration etc.]

  1. 1. Users who submit postings to the Event, after agreeing to the Terms, will comply with the methods prescribed by the Company, and through entering and sending the necessary information, will register as a User beforehand by Open ID.
  2. 2. The Company is able to decline the aforementioned User registration application in the following cases, of which the User accepts in advance:
     The applicant in the past having temporarily had his or her entitlement to use of the Service suspended or annulled;
     The Company deciding to restrict new User registration;
     The Company judging it inappropriate for the applicant to become a registered User for other reasons.

Article 2 [Postings]

  1. 1. Users submitting posted contributions to the Event, as a prerequisite of posting content, do so after choosing the “MIT License” in the licensing level settings in the cases of a “Build from scratch” or a “Fork” post in the Event.
  2. 2. Creating a “Fork” of content already posted is valid for the first time only. “Forked” content that is further “forked” then becomes void.
  3. 3. The information posted to the Event by Users may be freely modified, re-distributed, and re-used etc., according to the judgment of the Company and without the consent of the contributor.

Article 3 [Guarantee of Posted Data]

The User accepts that there may be cases where content data posted to the Event (hereinafter “Event Postings”) will not be completely saved on the system of the Service. The Company takes no responsibility for the disappearance, falsification, leaking, or damage etc. of accumulated Event Postings, during the period of Service, as per Article 8, Article 9 or due to unforeseen circumstances, etc. The User approves of this in advance.

Article 4 [Copyright etc.]

  1. 1. The User in principle retains the intellectual property rights, including copyright, to the information posted to the Service. However, the Company possesses all rights to modify, re-distribute, and re-use event Postings without checking with the appropriate User, which the User accepts beforehand.
  2. 2. The User agrees in advance to the modification (trimming, size alterations, etc.) of Event Postings by other users through the Service.
  3. 3. The Company holds the right to release in public for the purposes of advertising the Service, and promoting the Event and usage of it. Users agree to the Company’s right to use content on the Website without compensation and non-exclusively. Further, the Company also has the same right to license content to designated third parties.
  4. 4. Users may not exercise the moral rights of the author (publication, attribution, rights of integrity) in relation to use by the Company or licensed parties based on the aforementioned.

Article 5 [Use of Service]

  1. 1. The Company is ascribed all intellectual property rights (copyright, patent right, trademark, or design right, etc.) to the functions necessary for providing the Service and to the information in the Service published on the Website. The User may not encroach on those intellectual property rights in any way.
  2. 2. In the case of transferring Event Postings retained by the User to relevant third parties assigned by the User, the third party will transfer the content as agreed in these Terms. Further, in the case of the parties not consenting to these Terms, the Company will not recognize the transfer.
  3. 3. In cases of Users withdrawing from membership of the Service, the Company may judge to disclose this within the Event.

Article 6 [Cancellation by the Company]

  1. 1. The Company, for the any of the following reasons or in the case of there being as judged by the Company a risk of them occurring, may at its discretion immediately release the User from membership or carry out the removal of appropriate posted data without any prior warning or formal contact made to the User, nor with their consent:
     Breaching these Terms;
     Registering as another User;
    Breaching the prohibited clauses laid out in Article 7;
     Other actions judged as a User by the Company to be inappropriate.
  2. 2. In the aforementioned cases, if the Company incurs damage then the User will recompense the Company for that damage.
  3. 3. The Company is not obliged to disclose the reason for withdrawal of this Article to the User.

Article 7 [Prohibited Items]

Users are not permitted to perform any of the following actions during the use of the Service:
 Damaging the legal rights of the Company or third parties (intellectual property rights including proprietary rights, copyrights; portrait rights; publicity rights, etc.), or risking to do so;
 Causing damage or detriment to other Users, the Company or third parties;
 Damaging the trust or honor of others, causing mental abuse, or discrimination to other Users or third parties;
 Acting in ways offensive to public order or morals, or in ways judged by the Company to be so;
 Breaking laws and regulations etc., or facilitating, attracting or soliciting such actions;
 Dishonestly soliciting when using the Service and Event;
 Aiming to profit in relation to the Service and Event, despite having no approval from the Company;
 Damaging or tarnishing the trust of the Company and the Service;
 Registering false information;
 Illegally using the registered information etc. of Users or those applying to be Users;
 Disclosing content that can identity a third party individual;
 Interfering with the operation of the Service or Event, or acting with the risk of doing so;
 Knowing of actions that fall into any of the previous categories, and facilitating those actions;
 Other actions judged by the Company to be inappropriate.

Article 8 [Temporary Suspension]

  1. 1. The Company, for any of the following reasons, may without prior warning to the User temporary suspend all of the Service or part of it:
     In order to conduct maintenance of the Service utilities etc., regularly or in an emergency;
     Being unable to provide the Service due to natural hazards, such as fire, power outages, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and tidal waves etc.;
     Being unable to provide the Service due to political reasons, such as war, revolution, rioting, civil disturbance, or labor disputes etc.;
     When judged by the Company that for other operational reasons it is necessary to temporarily suspend the Service.
  2. 2. In the case of delay to or interruption of all or part of the Service due to any of the aforementioned or for other reasons, the Company bears no responsibility at all for damage incurred by Users or third parties due to this.

Article 9 [Termination of Service]

The Company may, after prior warning to Users on this Website, terminate all or part of the Event and Service. At the time of termination, by making an announcement on the website of the Event or Service, the Company is immune from responsibility generated by the termination.

Article 10 [Disclaimer]

  1. 1. The Company accepts no guarantee or responsibility whatsoever for damage induced or generated by the content of the Service, or occurrences arising through use of content, or for the legality of the content itself, its morality, or permission of its rights, or its truthfulness.
  2. 2. The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for disputes arising between members of the Service (proposal of actions illegal or offensive to public morality etc.; defamation of character; insult; invasion of privacy; blackmail; mental abuse; harassment, etc.), and in the case of receiving notice regarding such activities or of disputes arising, the User is responsible and liable for their resolution.
  3. 3. In the case of damage to the Company or third parties caused by actions resulting from the User’s use of the Service, the Company will seek compensation for that damage from the appropriate User, and that User is responsible and liable for recompensing the damage.
  4. 4. The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for compensation for damages arising from delayed delivery of electronic mail, non-delivery, mistakes on the Website of the Service, or from any other reason, due to failure of the computer system providing the Service. Further, the Company may notify the User of appropriate environments etc. through other designated means.
  5. 5. The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for compensation for damage to computers, telephone lines, and software etc., arising from computer virus contamination or downloads from the websites of the Service, partner media, or third parties, including advertisers.
  6. 6. The Company may modify the content, name and specifications etc. of the Service without prior notification to Users. The Company bears no responsibility whatsoever for things arising in relation to changes.
  7. 7. The Company is not responsible for monitoring the Service, but in the case of content posted by Users judged to be actions forbidden by Article 10, or in the case of actions by a User judged to be breaching these Terms, at risk of doing so, or to be information disclosure, the Company may delete the appropriate comment or restrict the use of the Service by the appropriate User, without receiving the consent of the User nor explaining the reasons. The User may not file a dispute or seek damages compensation regarding the procedures enacted by the Company.

Article 11 [Personal Information etc.]

  1. 1. Users, in the use of the Service, are treated based on the separate Privacy Policy shown on the website of the Service. Further, this Privacy Policy may be revised without prior or subsequent notification.
  2. 2. The Company, when handling personal information such as User email addresses in questionnaire surveys etc. conducted on the Service, will use the information after clearly stating the purposes of the usage in advance.
  3. 3. The Company, with the exception of cases laid down by law, will never disclose personal information registered by Users to a third party.

Article 12 [Miscellaneous Regulations]

Items not defined in these Terms all comply with the Terms of Use for wonderfl.

Article 13 [Terms Revisions]

  1. 1. The Company may as needed revise the Terms and the revised Terms are made valid from the time displayed on the Service Website.
  2. 2. Users are presumed to agree with the published content of the Terms at the time of use of the Event after the revisions have been effected, and the post-revision Terms come into effect between the User and the Company.
  3. 3. The User may not file ignorance or non-acceptance of the appropriate content.

Article 14 [Jurisdiction and Governing Law]

  1. 1. The court prescribed by the Company shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over lawsuits for disputes arising between the Company and User in relation to the use of the Event.
  2. 2. Japanese law is the governing law in relation to these Terms.

Date: March 17, 2011

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