JAM -HTML5 and Flah

Session4 Result Presentation

Topic:Create a visual music instrument.

* mp3 files used in the code are not allowed to use outside wonderfl.net You're free to use your own sound source for JAM, if you have rights to use it.

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When we posted the assignment of "musical instrument", with great deal of concern we expected that many entries might tend to be similar. Fortunately, our worries were blown away by awesome content variety, and we were genuinely amused. The inspiration was great too.

The aim of the contest was to have fun, therefore we prioritized amusive quality, rather than just evaluate the technical level and audio content. We have well balanced our winners selection, based on these criteria.

Takashi Yamaguchi(d.v.d)
About Takashi Yamaguchi(d.v.d)
Born in 1976 Kyoto, JAPAN. Motion graphic creator and visual artist. Now focused on motion graphics that involve programming, media art, music videos, and stage movies. His CG work has at SIGGRAPH 2001 Electronic Theater. In 2006 he and a duo of drummers started an interactive motion graphics trio, called "d.v.d" They won Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica'08.




This entry was superior to the most "draw"-like programs, effectively combining the sound and visual along the grid lines. The arrangement of loops, standby time, tempo and parameters is truly well done.


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Constraint on the visual part, when creating the sequence, is really interesting. It appeals a lot to try balancing the sound and visual in different ways.