JAM -HTML5 and Flah


Theme:Create a visual music instrument.

* mp3 files used in the code are not allowed to use outside wonderfl.net You're free to use your own sound source for JAM, if you have rights to use it.


[Works contribution period] 10/7-10/31
[Inspection period] 11/1-10/14
[Presentation 10/15

[Works contribution period] 10/7-10/31[Inspection period] 11/1-10/14[Presentation 10/15

How to entry

  • Click on the "Fork" button Fork and modify the sample topic code and create your work



Takashi Yamaguchi(d.v.d)
About Takashi Yamaguchi(d.v.d)
Born in 1976 Kyoto, JAPAN. Motion graphic creator and visual artist. Now focused on motion graphics that involve programming, media art, music videos, and stage movies. His CG work has at SIGGRAPH 2001 Electronic Theater. In 2006 he and a duo of drummers started an interactive motion graphics trio, called "d.v.d" They won Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica'08.

session4 prizes

Gold:Portable Mini Headphone AKG K404、A Fork、mazoncard(5,000yen),Silver:A Fork、amazoncard(3,000yen),Bronze:A Fork、amazoncard(1,000yen)

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