JAM -HTML5 and Flah

Session2 Result Presentation

Theme: "Create a MediaRSS Feed Viewer"

MediaRSS is a spec for syndicating multimedia files using RSS2.0 enclosures, proposed by Yahoo.com.

MediaRSS is widely used by popular services like Flickr, Picasa,FriendFeed and CoolIris.
Create a piece which loads Media RSS Feed, and show images fascinatingly.
Simple slide shows are OK, can also be some kind a game.
Please bring out JavaScript and Flash's full power, and create a surprising app!

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Thanks for submitting your great works.

The theme for this competition might have been too simple and vague, but we were surprised to find so many expressions of photo viewer.

Please note that there's been some good works which did not win prize but close to it.

It was also interesting to find that while Flash works tend to be quite artistic, HTML5 works were more technical and something that's trying to manipulate new functionalities.

We are expecting there will be more of HTML5 works with various expressions.

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forked from: Simple MediaRSS Viewer


Although there could be some improvements, 3D presentation using canvas and comments using WebFonts found us further possibilities. We liked how organic the developer used HTML5 in this work.


Evaluated that this work is using CSS3's new effects like tilt, shadow with scattered expression on wooden desk. Adding one more essence might have brought this to better prize.

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