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Theme: "Create a MediaRSS Feed Viewer"

MediaRSS is a spec for syndicating multimedia files using RSS2.0 enclosures, proposed by Yahoo.com.

MediaRSS is widely used by popular services like Flickr, Picasa,FriendFeed and CoolIris.
Create a piece which loads Media RSS Feed, and show images fascinatingly.
Simple slide shows are OK, can also be some kind a game.
Please bring out JavaScript and Flash's full power, and create a surprising app!


[Works contribution period] 8/7-8/31
[Inspection period] 9/1-9/13
[Presentation] 9/14

[Works contribution period] 8/7-8/31[Inspection period] 9/1-9/6[Presentation] 9/7-



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