December 2012 archive

Summary of updates in late 2012

The end of 2012 is finally coming.
By this, we would like to look back and introduce all the updates of in late 2012! Let's look back and maybe there're some new features you still don't know?!

Code view page

  • Positioning of Diff Button
    You can see the difference with the forked file by clicking View Diff button on the right-top corner.

  • Brushing Favorite Feature
    Now you can add/remove favorite without reloading the page.

  • Adding Post to QA Button
    If you have any question about the code, you can directly post it to the QA section from the view page.


  • Uploading of Files Other than Images and Audios Enabled
    The limitation is opened, and you can post any file besides images and audios. You can also upload XML files.

  • Upload Capacity Up to 1MB
    The upload capacity is upgraded from 100KB to 1MB, which times the previous by 10.

  • Changing Precompiler UI to Pulldown Menu
    The language assignment, which was done by comment, can be made directly from the pulldown menu now.

  • Supporting SCSS, LESS in CSS Precompiler
    We added SCSS, LESS support to CSS precompiler.

  • Supporting Compass in CSS Precompiler
    We add the Compass alternative when you want to use SCSS. @import also supported.

  • Supporting TypeScript in JS Precompiler
    We've added TypeScript option, which is a language developed by Microsoft.

  • Supporting Zen Coding
    Now you don't need to write each HTML tag, because the convenient Zen Coding tool is available in our editor.

  • Supporting Markdown
    Now you can use Markdown syntax in README. The usage can be referred from here.

  • Linking Gist
    By linking Gist, you can control the version of the code. (To link, you can find the "Save to Gist" link from the Save button's options)

User page

  • Portofolio
    You can choose the codes that you want to show off. And you can also see a lot of parameters about yourself here.

  • Add Awarding History to Portofolio
    We've added awarding history in the past contests to the portfolio page. You can even make use of the portfolio in job finding.

  • Enabling Adding Social Account to Portfolio (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Github)
    To add social account icon, you can go to the setting page to set your social accounts. To can make the setting from here!

  • Supporting Markdown
    Not only the README of your codes, you can also write Markdown in your profile, discussions.

  • Adding Email Address
    Now you can add your email address in the setting page. By this, you can recieve the information of new events and mail magazines from
    You can add your email address from here!


  • Updating Helps (in Japanese and English)
    We've also updated the helps together with the new features listed above.

  • Applying SSL to Part of the Website
    To enhance the security, we've applied SSL to some part of our website.

  • Code Capturing Done by PhantomJS instead of Firefox
    By this, we have reduced a lot of time when capturing the codes.

  • Notifications from And Desktop Notification
    We've added notification features. Desktop notification is also available.

How about these new features? Do you find any that you haven't found before?

By this, we are going to say bye-bye to 2012. We wish a happy new year to you. And welcome to use also in 2013! Looking forward to your code posts!

Invitation for CSS "HENTAI" Programmers in the world!

※This is the article written for the 25th day (the final day) of the CSS Programming Advent Calendar 2012.

For details about CSS Programming, please refer to this article.


Hello, this is the team! Thanks for using our service!

To answer the passionate encouragement from the CSS "HENTAI" Programmers in the world, we team have prepared a Christmas present!

Translation: I believe that won't simple write a summary post only.

Translation: I can't help wanting to see the fantastic CSS Programming example and the summary post made by #jsdoit 's staffs, right now!

Translation: We love

Translation: So there's no possibility that team don't make it. They have to take the responsibility of a company.

Wow, really passionate encouragement...isn't it? (・ω・`;)

Anyway, we wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy CSS Programming!