April 2011 archive

Submit your Golden Code during the holidays

Golden time to create your Golden code. jsdo.it has prepared a few handy topics for you to fork. Even those of you who have no time to put your passion into coding can easily try these.

One topic would be a simple image viewer like this:

This script pulls various pics with a certain tag from instagram. Modify tags portion after URL's /tags/ and you will be able to get designated pics.

Detailed document is available here:

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is one of exciting and talked about markup languages today, and developers are working hard to meet its challenges and fully utilize its benefits.

Microsoft MIX11 opening keynote featured original SVG animation on HTML5 "SVG Girl" developed by jsdo.it core team. It's a flip-book type animation running at 10 SVG frames per second.


Videos links:
http://live.visitmix.com/ (watch from 01:41:50)