February 2011 archive

Forked codes used to release tags from original code. Now we have enabled inheriting tags from original codes to forked ones.


When issuing a tag for external embedded player, now you are able to choose 'preview' or 'code' for initial view.

You can apply the same feature for existing older tags, by adding '?view=design' to the end of JavaScript URL.


While logged in to jsdo.it, you can see 'notifications' displayed next to your name on upper right header menu.

  • When someone starts following you
  • When someone forks your code
  • When someone adds your code to favorites
  • When someone comments on your code
Once there is any activity relevant to you or your code, you will see these in 'notifications'.

We hope this positively stimulates everyone for more active community engagement. We would be glad to see more of your followers, and would be happy to favorite and comment on your entries as well.


Now you can directly add html tags.

Responding to several requests received via Q&A, we have significantly improved html support.

iDevice test

When code within html area begins with either <!DOCTYPE or <html, any entered code will be output adding JavaScript and CSS.


Now the new editor comes with shortcut keys.

You can move between JavaScript, html and CSS windows using Ctrl +↑ (or Pg Up), Ctrl +↓ (or Pg Dn).

Also, you can save the work or reload it using Crtl + Enter.

(* These shortcuts are valid only if you have chosen ACE Editor as your preference)


jQuery 1.5

jQuery: » jQuery 1.5 Released

added jQuery 1.5 as "Major Libraries".

so you can click on the "Add Libraries" button and choose them, to give it a try! or fork this template to start: