Numerical Integration Calculator

Numerical Integration Calculator

--- Analytic Solutions ( a.k.a. Closed Form Solutions ) are not always possible for the computation of definite integrals. In such cases numerical integration provides a worthy alternative. This application allows the user to evaluate definite integrals using the Riemann Sums Method in all three of its variations. NOTE: There are 5 select elements in all. Three are at the bottom of the graph. Be sure to make selections for all the parameters.

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## SOCKET.IO && NODE.JS MULTIPLAYER, の多人数 , 멀티 플레이어 CLIENT ____ これはsocket.ioとnode.js.ためのシンプルなマルチクライアントです 一部のプレイヤーデータは APIを介して取得されます。 GoogleマップのWeb APIも使用されます。 ポップアップで自分の名前を入力します。 SのD Wプレーヤーを移動します。 アプリケーションまたはにオープン複数のタブ、 あなたの友人が同時に参加しています。 (より良い翻訳が認められています。) _____________________________________________________________ 이 및 node.js. 에 대한 간단한 멀티 클라이언트입니다 일부 플레이어 데이터 는 API 를 통해 얻어진다 . Google지도 웹 API는 사용됩니다. 팝업 에 이름을 입력합니다. S 의 D W 플레이어를 이동합니다. 응용 프로그램이나 열기 여러 탭 , 친구 가 동시에 가입 해야합니다. (더 나은 번역 이 허용됩니다.) _____________________________________________________________ This is a simple multiplayer client for and node.js. Some player data is obtained via API. The Google Maps Web API is also used. Enter your name in popup. W A S D to move your player. Open multiple tabs to the application or, have your friends join at the same time. (Better translations are accepted.)

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Find Parabola Using Gauss-Jordan Elimination

Parabola Using Gauss-Jordan Elimination

___ I developed this application which graphs a parabola through three clicked points using Gauss-Jordan Elimination and code from Eric Rowell published at: for the canvas graphing functionality. SirFizX TODO : 1) Add comment regarding the relevant elimination matrix associated with each of the listed row operations. 2) Add clear graph functionality.

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Intelements 0.2

Intelements =========== ###What is it? Intelements is a small js library intended to provide an api promoting quick and efficient development creating easy to use dynamic 'Intelements' in pure javascript. ###What is it NOT? Finished. Intelements has hardly been developed. I thought it would be fun to dedicate some time to developing a javascript library totally within I'm not sure how much time I will have to dedicate to it but am interested in how it gets forked along the way. ###Sample Implementations: /* Creating an Intelement div instance with initial location. */ var d = new Intelement('div','Intelements',0,400) /* Calling a move animation on the newly created instance. The parameters include: deltaX, deltaY, deltaT, and a callback text swapping and scaling animation function called upon on completion of the move animation. */ d.move(90,-350,3, function(){ this.e.innerHTML='Try Intelements
'+ 'Develop Faster!'; d.scaleText(2,3.5); });

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NodeJS Socket.IO Multiplayer Client, マルチクライアント , 멀티 클라이언트 , 多人客戶端

## Multiplayer Client , マルチクライアント , 멀티 클라이언트 , 多人客戶端 ____ 1) Clean and simple design. 2) Interacts with optimized echo server via JSON. 3) JSON data is sanitized on the server side. 4) Open in two browsers simultaneously. 1 )クリーンでシンプルなデザイン。 2 ) JSONを介して最適化されたエコーサーバと対話します。 3 ) JSONデータは、サーバ側で消毒されています。 4 )同時に2つのブラウザで開きます 1) 깨끗하고 심플한 디자인 . 2) JSON 을 통해 최적화 된 에코 서버 와 상호 작용합니다. 3) JSON 데이터는서버 측에서 살균 된다 . 4) 동시에 두 브라우저에서 엽니 다 . 1 )清潔和簡單的設計。 2 )交互通過JSON優化迴聲服務器。 3 ) JSON數據消毒在服務器端。 4 )在開放同時在兩個瀏覽器。

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ThreeJS Character Creation/Animation

## ThreeJS Character Creation/Animation ___ Move with WASD <> Jump with K <> Reset with B ___ 1) Define geometries. 2) Define materials. 3) Define textures. 4) Define meshes. 5) Define a parent object. 6) Add the meshes to the parent or each other. 7) Add handlers for events to change motion control variables 8) Add code for motion control to main loop. 9) Add sound(s) associated with motion.

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D3.JS Bubble Chart from Google Sheet Data

# D3.JS Bubble Chart from Google Sheet Data ___ ## Features * Load remote Google Sheet data in JSONP format * Convert data to an array format * Convert data to a js tree format * Use d3.layout.pack() to compute size and position of bubbles * Link sizes and positions to SVG circles

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Quake III Model in WebGL with Pure JS (NO THREEJS)

## Quake III Model in WebGL with Pure JS (NO ThreeJS) ___ This was adapted from a great example of pure WebGL js by Lavrin. [Lavrin's GitHub](

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Oscillating Square Membrane

## Oscillating Square Membrane ____ Change the vibrational mode with the select elements.

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Katex2Image Editor

## Katex2Image Editor ____ * Minimalistic * Implements katex.js * Implements html2canvas.js * Enter valid TeX such as: \int_{0}^{2\pi}\cos{x}=0 * Download result as image. * Currently horizontal fraction lines are not being rendered in image * Currently vector symbols are not being rendered in image

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Tabletop JS and LIst JS

## Tabletop JS and List JS ____ - Tabletop JS retrieves Google Sheets into Arrays of JS Objects - [Tabletop @GitHub]( - List JS adds sort, search, and filter functionality to HTML Tables and Lists - [List JS Website]( - [List JS @cdnjs](

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MP Tanks

##MP Tanks ____ ![tanks](

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